Skywatch Photo Friday 6th March

This tree next door to my house gets a very thorough trim now and again! Its a huge tree too.
It sort of looks like the branches are reaching into the clouds.

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Skywatch Friday Post

Here is a picture I took from the back of where I work.
The sun had gone down and it was getting dark. The lights were shining out from the large greenhouse building (its a Garden Centre).

The bright star in the sky is Venus.

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More of my cats

I thought I would post up the latest from my cats -

I went into the kitchen one evening recently to see my small (but chubby) cat 'Minnie' sitting in the fruit bowl on top of what was left of the fruit!!!! Thats 2 Kiwis you can see!!! She wasnt amused at my giggles, because she thought it was the perfect place to curl up!!

Mewli was happy to stretch out on the back of the sofa!!!

I wonder what he is dreaming about here???


Big Fluffy Clouds!!!

Some more skywatch photos....

Two photos taken on different days but this time from the front window of my house.

Sometimes, you don't have to even go outside to see a great sky!
I found both of these quite powerful with the big fluffy clouds.

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