Skywatch Friday 31st Oct

Please visit SkyWatch Friday and check out all the beautiful photos from around the world -

These were taken from my back upstairs window (like the last ones).

You wouldnt believe the sky could be that pinky red!!!!!

Keeping clean

My cat Mewli loves water as you know from his 'pond watch' escapades!!

He loves to drink from the tap in the bath.

And, when I have finished my bath and the water has just about drained, he can't wait to sit in the bath , as if its his turn!!!

He has a roll around then has to be towel dried just like me!!!!


In the Garden

Today was sunny and warm so I had a tidy up in the garden.....

My cat Mewli was not impressed with the leaf hoover.....

I sorted out the pond (so that Mewli can get a better view of the frogs).....

Don't the frogs, I mean pansies look lovely said Mewli....